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The Centro Universitario de la Defensa de Zaragoza (CUDZ) gives you the warmest welcome to its website and takes the opportunity to approach and introduce this educational center that since its foundation in 2010 provides de degree to the Army Commissioned Officers in Spain.

Our goal is to educate officers with excellent multidisciplinary capabilities, comprising technical, scientific and humanistic skills, and a strong and solid moral base; officers prepared to lead teams in complex situations, whose vocation and permanent objective is always to provide Spain with their best service.

To achieve this goal CUDZ counts on an excellent team, fully committed to our mission, composed of highly trained, gifted and talented professionals with a great experience and a deep understanding of all facets the cadets need. The exceptional work done by the military and civilian personnel of the center allow us to continue our progress year after year in the pursuit of excellence.

CUDZ is in close connection with the Academia General Militar (AGM) and together take part in its educational and promotional activities for the Defense Culture.

The aim of this web page is to maintain updated information on the most CUDZ relevant activities addressed to all those ones who wish to take part on them.