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The main governing body of the CUD Zaragoza is the “Patronato” (Patronage Body). It is a collegiate body whose members are higher Rank officials of the Ministry of Defence (MoD), the Spanish Army Training and Doctine Command (MADOC) and University of Zaragoza (UNIZAR). AGM General Director and CUD Zaragoza Director are members.

CUD Zaragoza has a director who is responsible for the Centre following the guidance given to him by the “Patronato”, and ruling it. He is a higher rank official, named by the Under Secretary of the Ministry of Defence (MoD). The Centre maintains a functional dependence of the MoD through the Military Education and Recruitment Directorate (DIGEREM). Due to its main objective, CUDZ narrowly cooperates with the Academia General Militar (AGM) in the Officer Cadets’ syllabus; attests the collaboration with the Zaragoza University; and shares principles and methods with the other CUDs (Navy, Air Force and Guardia Civil).

CUD Zaragoza’s Director has a Deputy in who he delegates the internal organization of the staff, syllabus, programs, innovation, academic quality, gender perspective, etc. In addition to the Director and Deputy, the Governing Team includes a Professor-secretary, and a Finance and Manager Officer. The Governing Team is supported by an Administrative Office, an Studiesand Students Secretariat, two main degree Coordination Areas (one for MSc and other for BSc) and three main knowledge Areas for coordination (Basic Sciences, Technological Sciences and Engineering, and a Multidisciplinary Area). An Area Coordinator is responsible for each of them. Also exist an IT branch, a I+D+i Promotion Office and an International Office. CUDZ receives Legal Advisory by a Legal Officer detached by the MoD. Also exist Coordinators for the main matters: Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Law, Engineering, Computing, Architecture, Business, Economy, Social Sciences, Behavioural Sciences, Environment, Modern languages, and History. The have to coordinate activities among professors and they address the guidance received.

The University Centre for Defence is responsible for the implementation, following the guidance received by UNIZAR of the following studies:

All the academic activities of CUDZ are in compliance with the CUDZ internal Quality Assurance System and the University of Zaragoza General Quality Assurance System. UNIZAR and ACPUA (Regional Certification Agency) certifies CUDZ Studies and Certification.

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