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International Syllabus


All the Officers who belong to the General Corps of the Army since 2015 receive the formation of their degree at Centro Universitario de la Defensa that is attached to the University of Zaragoza. The degree qualification offered is Industrial Management Engineering.

The University Centre for Defence is responsible for the aforementioned university degree diploma and also in the assistance with academic staff to the implementation of the Máster Universitario en Dirección y Gestión de Adquisiciones de Sistemas para la Defensa (Master's in Direction and Management of Defence Procurement Systems). CUD Zaragoza cooperates with the Zaragoza University in terms of PhD programs. Also cooperates in Curso Avanzado en Ciberdefensa of ESFAS (Cyber-defence Advanced Course)

Escuela Superior de las Fuerzas Armadas (Armed Forces High Education College).

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It is also significant to say that the institution is a branch of the MoD’s Education Directorate together with three other University Centres for Defence institutions that are members of the Erasmus+ Charter which are CUD AGA, CUD Navy, and CUGC (Guardia Civil).

The education to the Senior Officer level of the Guardia Civil comprises the military training, police formation, and university studies to get the corresponding degree.

To carry out this curricula a university degree is provided the first two years, as to the rest of the officers of the Army, and the following two years in the University Center for the Guardia Civil, located in the Academy of Officers of the Guardia Civil in Aranjuez, and assigned to the Carlos III University of Madrid. The degree qualification offered is Security Engineering. In addition, during the last year, fifth-year cadets can do the Master in Operational Security Management as postgraduate studies.

The study plans are as follows. By clicking on the corresponding link you can access the complete structure of the degree and general information about it:

Officers, General Corps of the Army, admission without previous university degree (5 years)

Degree: Graduated in Industrial Management Engineering