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International Mobility Activities

Mobility Activities

Student/staff mobility

Course catalogues (before mobility). The course catalogue is publicly available at the following link  

Zaragoza is engaged in the Emilyo program at which the syllabuses of the partner institutions can be followed. Also, our webpage has the necessary information about our programs and CUD’s Point of Contact is available 24/7 to anybody who would like to enlarge information. The language is Spanish except for the English subject.

Inter-institutional agreements for study and teaching mobility (before mobility):

CUD Zaragoza has a deep interest in having inter-institutional agreements to boost study and teaching mobility for either students or staff. So, CUD Zaragoza is open to providing the necessary elements to start cooperating in this field. The current international students CUD Zaragoza has from Saint Cyr, West Point, Korea, Jordan, Thailand, etc. clearly shows this idea.

Support for outgoing students/staff:

The Emilyo program has the frame to send cadets from one institution to another and with time the activities are prepared. All the CUD Zaragoza’s students know English and have the basic knowledge to follow the international programs they could attend. There is a local mentor per cadet or group of cadets that attend an activity, and another who is provided by the host institution. The cadets receive the total information in time and all everything is known to the last detail by them and is ready before leaving off. For staff, the institutional Points of Contact set up the information/conditions/agreements etc. In case CUD Zaragoza’s cadets have to attend the exchange activities abroad, also the Military Academy will be in close contact with the host military academy or university and will follow the previous agreements for cadets to have their logistic support followed-up.

Full automatic recognition of credits (after mobility). The credit recognition regulations are in this link 

CUD Zaragoza fully recognizes the exchange cadets subjects if they cover 80% of the Spanish syllabus and it is an institution open to accept the recognition when there is an agreement with the partner institution Recognition of staff mobility (after mobility) Students will be reflected in  European supplement to the degree (SET)  

The Military Academy also gives certificates to students who have attended classes at the Military Academy and those who have followed CUD Zaragoza’s syllabus, or part of it. CUD Zaragoza is totally open and boosts the staff mobility within the frame of Erasmus+ program and specifically the Emilyo program. The measures are based on the Emilyo program’s measures which are the guidance for staff mobility. The information is sent to the European Security and Defense College where it is validated. Once approved, it is hung on the Emilyo’s web page, put on its agenda and immediately shared to all partners with the basic information. Then, the institutions interested can be quickly in contact with the host institution and start a procedure or agreement between the institutions and the staff involved.

Cooperation activities:

There are cooperation activities within the framework of the EMILYO PROGRAM such as the International Olympiad for students and staff, Implementing Group Meetings, Multinational activities in Languages, Gender Perspective Meetings, etc… Through the Military Academy there is contact with ISOMA (International Symposium of Military Association). CUD Zaragoza is in close connection with the Academia General Militar.

CUD Zaragoza supports cooperation projects. See a complete list on this link 

CUD Zaragoza is involved in future international projects waiting for this Erasmus+ Charter to be approved in order to request funding to carry them out. Cooperation between educational institutions is essential in today’s world. As CUD also has agreements with the Zaragoza University, international projects can also be derived from this channel.

CUD Zaragoza will recognize staff and students’ engagement in Erasmus+ by providing a certification or diploma of attendance and project development. Staff: the teaching five-year period, an economic incentive for teaching merits. A certificate (diploma) is granted as well as an economical recognition.